Why Choose Superslyde

Why Choose Superslyde

Why You Should Try Superslyde:

If you’ve ever tried shopping for lubricant you’ll find that there are a lot of lubricants and this is Why Choose Superslyde.  It can be a very confusing and intimidating experience having to select a specific lubricant that best fits your needs. What works for one person may or may not necessarily work for another person. If you have sensitive skin, prone to infections, or generally not a fan of chemicals in your lubricant then that will certainly help narrow it down to something that is going to work for you. Things you’ll need to consider when purchasing your ideal lubricant.

Massage With Lube


How does it feel on your hands? Superslyde silicone lubricant is a very thin lubricant and is designed to almost feel like there’s nothing there at all. What this will mean is that if you put it between your fingers and you’re rubbing your fingers you’re still going to be in a position where you can fee your fingers, feel the individual grooves in your fingers and you’re not going to be sacrificing any textures, feelings or sensations.


Silicone lubricant has no taste. At most what you’ll feel is that you can have the ability to roll it around on your tongue and it will be like wearing a small barrier.


Superslyde has no smell. It will smell like nothing at all. Other lubricants will have sweet odor’s (produced by goodness knows what additives), and others will smell so atrocious that you’ll attribute it to the after sex smell – where you’ve emerged from your room after a really good time only to discover that you smell like lubricant.

It is clear that each person will approach lubricant differently. Some people label it as a necessity, others will feel that it’s not really useful. We hope that after you’ve read this article you’ll realize the importance of lubricant and how essential that it is to the enjoyment of sexual activity, and how much better sexual activity can be with the addition of a good quality lubricant such as Superslyde Silicone lubricant.

Unique Ways You Can Use Superslyde Silicone Lubricant

There is a reason why a lot of people love Superslyde, and that’s due to the versatility of the lubricant. Many people wrongly assume that a personal lubricant can, and must be used exclusively for sex. We’ve asked around the officer for how they use their Superslyde lubricant and where it’s come in handy in a situation where it didn’t involve sex.

zip Lube

1. Unstick Your Zipper:-

That’s right, we’ve all been there, you’re putting on a jacket, doing up a bag and the zipper gets stuck. Whilst there’s many tried and true methods of getting your zipper unstuck – there are few that are as simple as putting a drop or two of silicone lubricant on the stuck bit. If you find that the zipper is stuck, all you do is grab your superslyde, massage a little of the lubricant onto the teeth and wriggle the zipper part. With a little patience, a little wriggling you’ll find that it quickly becomes loose allowing you to zip up, or unzip what you need to.

2. It Can Moisturize Your Skin:-

Not only can silicone lubricant help with chapped lips, but silicone lubricant can be a fantastic moisturizer for your hands. It can leave them pleasantly slick. The only downside is that you may not be able to grip a pen very well for a while afterwards, but if you’re working in a industry which sees your hands drying out and cracking then it might be a good idea to use the lubricant as a hand moisturiser, and it might look a little better in front of the lads as opposed to a hand cream.

3. It Can Help Remove Rings:-

When you’re fingers have swollen and you need to remove a ring – the first thing that you need to do is grease it up. Since silicone lubricant stays slick and smooth – it is perfect for getting the ring out of a tight spot, and for virtually any kind of situation when your hand, or some other body part is stuck. Lube generously, and give a twist and a wriggle and you should be home free. Even doctors have used it in emergency rooms, or during pregnancy to get a stuck ring off. Else, might need to give a quick call to the fire department . . . at least you’ll be prepared.

Hot Lady Lube

4. It Can Help Style Your Hair:-

Silicone lubricant can be used to style your hair. Indeed, there are several hairdressers who have been using it for years. Silicone lubricant contains dimethicone, which is actually one of the ingredients of expensive hair conditioners. The silicone not only adds a great shine to the hair, but it also creates a tangle free hair style as well which is highly conditioned. Did we mention that it’ll make your hair shiny as well? The great benefit of using it in this way is that because silicone lubricant does not contain any scents or odor’s that you can use it with your favorite conditioner or hair product to keep your hair smelling absolutely amazing, and helping it look shiny.

5. It Can Help You Shave Your Legs:-

Silicone lubricant can make a great substitute to shaving cream. So if you find yourself stuck in a hotel room and you’ve forgotten your shaving cream and you have a hot date coming over in 12.5 minutes – grab your lubricant apply, and shave. Though we would like to point out the handy tip of applying it directly to your legs and spreading with your non razor hand so that you’re grip on the razor isn’t compromised. It helps in delivering an extremely close shave and it will also help prevent razor burn due to the qualities that silicone lubricant has in acting like a barrier.

Shave Your Legs

6. It Can Help Prevent Chafing:-

Chafing is a common issue for long distance runners – silicone lubricant can be used on the nipples and the legs in helping combat chafing. As mentioned, silicone lubricant creates a slick and smooth barrier between the skin and something else, and the durability of silicone lubricant ensures that it will outlast any kind of marathon that you throw at it.

Not only that but you can use silicone lubricant to help get your wet suit on and off, and you can use this in the water to protect cuts and scrapes, as well as prevent the skin from drying out. It is in this way which superslyde can help with eczema by providing a protective barrier on the skin, and due to its hypoallergenic nature can be used safely and effectively.

7. Breaking In New Shoes And Preventing Blisters:-

New shoe are a pain – you’ve bought new shoes to match your ensemble for a hot date and blisters is not something that you want to be contending with. Using silicone lubricant on the heels will help prevent the chafing, and rubbing and will ultimately give you added protection against unsightly blisters on your feet as a result of your delightfully gorgeous brand new shoes.

8. Make New Shoes Better Again:-

Since we’re on the topic of shoes – silicone lubricant can be used to make old shoes shine new again. Use the lubricant as a shoe polisher and your once tired old shoes will shine with renewed purpose and sparkle. Silicone lubricant can also be used in the protection of leather products as well as latex clothing bringing back a sleek shine and helping you put them on and off again.

Lube Bug

9. Lice:-

We already know that silicone lubricant can be used in the hair to create a tangle free hairstyle. Combine that with a nit comb and you now have an easy, effective and pain freeway in combing out the live which have struck children.

10. Keys And Doorknobs And General Fix-Its:-

Out of WD-40? Use a drop of Silicone lubricant and you won’t be stuck outside, or inside your apartment/house for very long. It’s also often used as an industrial lubricant. It can take care of bike chains if you’re desperate, help ease the aches and pains of household items and small appliances and can help prevent rust as well.

11.  Long Distance Swimming:-

As a silicone lubricant creates a barrier between water long distance swimmers have been using superslyde to stop the skin wrinkling and also stop bacterial infections.