Superslyde Lubricant

What Is Superslyde?

The SuperSlyde Story:-

The Superslyde story has its humble beginnings in Singapore. The founder and CEO of SuperSlyde, Abra Lee, was born and raised in Hong Kong and he later moved to the beautiful country of Singapore. He found happiness in being a swimming coach since his early teens, but having grown unhappy in Hong Kong he made the decision to begin a new leaf in Singapore. It’s the usual story which ultimately helped him make the decision to move in his mid-twenties, he was searching for new beginnings, new challenges and having met someone made the decision to try his luck in a bigger city.

swimming coach

Like many people Lee was frustrated with the lack of quality lubricant that there was out there on the market. To find quality lubricant, he states, ‘shouldn’t be so difficult. It should not be overly expensive and it should be readily available in many places as opposed to only existing in specialty stores and unique locations’. Because he cared about the thoughts of other people, he turned to his friends, family, friends of friends and friends of family and began to ask questions about their chosen lubricants and why they didn’t necessarily use a silicone lubricant.

What he discovered, shocked him. He quickly ascertained that the reason why many people weren’t using quality lubricant was because they didn’t know. A lot of people simply grabbed what they had always grabbed through their conversations with friends, what was advertised and deemed ‘popular’ as opposed to what was considered to be good lubricant. Indeed, the people he interviewed repeatedly came the same consensus. They didn’t know the difference a good quality lubricant could make to their sex lives, and how much of a difference lubricant could bring to their enjoyment of sex. Having realized the flaw, he embarked on a mission to correct that and bring quality lubricant in mass marketable quantities to the lubricant market in order to change the perceptions of lubricant and how it affects sexual experiences.

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This mission was brought to fruition with his life partner, Dr Stuart Koe, Pharm. D. Dr Stuart Koe has ultimately built his career and life on challenging the norm. DrKoe graduated from the University of Minnesota, the second largest university in Mid-West of US and has built a career in challenging the norm. Founding an illegal Gay and Lesbian media and networking portal in Singapore, he considers it a mission to breaking established rules and he uses his portal to promote a strong public health component and is actively engaged in projects funded by WHO, the UN and the USAID concerning HIV prevention and research.

It is with this background with which he approached the Superslyde mission, bringing a lubricant forth which challenged the norm, and broke the rules in terms of what was and is expected in lubricants and the sex industry.  As such, after two years of research, development, trials and tests and with the birth of the company AARI (Abra Advanced Research International Pte Ltd), Superslyde was born. As opposed to other mass marketed items which seemingly have a low care rate due to the company’s ability to flood the market with products which don’t quite make the cut, Lee decided to ensure that every bottle of Superslyde was of the perfect quality.


Despite now being mass produced, each bottle contains hundreds of hours of testing, and passion poured into it. Remember that it took two years of dedication and passion to create the perfect formula and it contains an uncompromising commitment and dedication to ensuring that each bottle retains perfection and won’t let the company down with an inferior product.

Superslyde is a lubricant which is created and licensed by AARI, FDA approved as well as solely distributed by them to ensure that they can retain the quality lubricant which the company has sought to develop. Made in Singapore it is a company, through the passion and dedication of its founders, which seeks to change the idea of personal lubrication to the sex industry and ensure that people know that there is such a thing as quality lubricant, and that a quality lubricant has the power to change their approaches to sex, and ensure a unique enjoyment of sexual experiences without the frustration of drying out, without the frustration of having to search for quality lubricant, and to simply enjoy sex.