About Superslyde

About Superslyde

The Superslyde Difference

What Makes Superslyde:

There are many different types of silicone lubricants on the market, and like all products everything About Superslyde, not everything is created equally. At the end of the day, it is inevitable to have some that simply outperform others and can be classified as one of the best. Superslyde is that lubricant which is considered to be one of the best, and how can it not be when it is the result of almost two years of careful research and development influenced by user’s comments, critiques and demands into creating the best possible silicone lubricant. Superslyde was created with the help of its founder Abra Lee’s life partner, Dr Stuart Koe who is a Pharmaceutical Doctor.  They saw it as their mission to bring affordable quality to the mass market with concerns about sexual health and well-being.

Silicone is a lubricant which when produced can undergo several different processes in order to control the viscosity, texture and slipperiness of the lubricant itself, and the team of scientists behind Superslyde spared no research in the creation of the perfect lubricant. Delving deep into the creation of silicone lubricants that examined processes such as mixing temperatures, humidity involved, silicone chain lengths as well as the catalysts which result in the creation of silicone lubricants they tweaked the processes consistently until they were happy with a silicone formulation that is simply a cut above the rest.

Two years of research and development went into this, which in the grand scheme of things in the sex industry is an exceptionally long time and only goes to showcase and demonstrate the company’s commitment and dedication into arriving at a lubricant which has no equal. In retaining complete control of the quality that they produce, Superslyde retains the manufacturing rights of their lubricant in Singapore using only the best pharmaceutical grade ingredients which have been imported from Germany. It is still made under very strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) using exceptionally tight procedures to ensure only the very best of a quality product is ever released into the market. The GMP ensures such things like:

  • Manufacturing facilities must meet a strict level of hygiene.
  • Controlled environmental conditions to ensure that the production of the product is not contaminated
  • Manufacturing processes are tightly controlled, and any changes to those processes must be considered and evaluated before becoming the norm to ensure that the quality of the product is not affected.
  • Records are continually made and kept through machines and manual operators to ensure consistency of the product.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Superslyde has undergone extensive product testing, and when you read the results of recent tests, you’ll notice that they’re continually trying to improve their product to best meet the needs of the consumers. Peoples needs change, and in order to retain market leadership you need to be on the forefront of change, pioneering the way for other companies to follow. People might have the thought – ‘it’s only lubricant, why go to so much bother when they’re other things in the world to worry about’ and in part they’re right. However, the technology used to create silicone lubricant, to continually create the best silicone lubricant, can be utilized in other advancements of technology as well. Further, it may be just lubricant but lubricant is an essential component to an active and healthy sex life. When you consider the backgrounds of the founding members of Superslyde, you’ll understand that their aim was to create a silicone lubricant that would also promote sexual health and well-being and be the poster in order to instigate changes both in terms of sexual enjoyment, but also sexual lifestyle.

Silicone lubricants are considered to be a premium lubricant because of their many advantages over water based lubricants. These qualities and points include things such as:

– Silicone lubricants are far more slippery than their water-based cousins. Because silicone lubricants do not use water (which is absorbed by the skin), silicone simply forms a long lasting sheer layer of lubrication which your skin will continually glide over.

– As mentioned above, silicone lubricants don’t contain water. Since water is what keeps water-based lubricants slippery, and since the skin loves to absorb the water leaving the dry sticky residue that water based lubricant is hated for, silicone lubricants ultimately take a lot longer to dry out. Meaning that there’s no need to re-apply and for most cases, a silicone lubricant will outlast any sexual activity that you want to throw at it.

– Because silicone is too thick for the skin to absorb – you’ll find that it is great for people with sensitive skin due to its non-irritating qualities. Silicone lubricant allergies are exceptionally rare, and in nearly every case of a ‘silicone allergy’ you’ll find that it is as a result of the silicone not being pure. I.E, some silicone lubricants contain additives such as vitamin e, or some form of skin conditioner which is what the skin is actually allergic to.

– Silicone lubricant does not dry out. So it stays feeling slick and slippery and you won’t find that it becomes sticky and tacky after a few minutes use.

– Silicone lubricant can be used for a full body massage. Depending on your allergies to essential oils you can mix your silicone lubricant with an essential oil to create a pleasantly scented massage oil.

– Since it is hydro resistant, silicone lubricant can be used in the shower or the bath for water sport sex, or even outdoors in the rain. Who hasn’t wanted to kiss in the rain!?

–  Silicone does not contain Glycerin. Glycerin is a hygroscopic agent which absorbs moisture from the air. It is used in lubricants to help them last longer, and may be made from natural fats and oils to being chemically induced. Glycerin is also used as a sweetener in flavoured lubricants to help them taste better.

– Silicone does not contain anything in it which bacteria can grow on. As such, silicone lubricants do not promote any form of vaginal infections which include yeast infections.

Double Blind Testing:

So now that you’ve heard about the benefits of silicone lubricants – how does it fare against other silicone lubricants on the market? In 2012, superslyde participated in a double blind market survey which contained several market leaders in an attempt to find where superslyde was ranked among these lubricants. Following with the mission of superslyde, the aim of the study was to find valuable consumer feedback in order to make changes to the lubricant where necessary to ensure that the product met the needs of consumers. Whilst the company had done extensive testing before this point, it is a valuable and worthy exercise to continue to garner consumer feedback wherever and whenever possible to note if the needs of the users have changed, or if there are ways in which the lubricant can be improved. The participants of the survey were asked to rank the lubricants on the following performance scales.



Slickness refers to the smoothness of the lubricant. Questions to be considered may refer to perceived grittiness, levels of friction and the glossiness of the lubricant.


The sensation that the lubricant provides. A lubricant with a high viscosity may result in less sensation due to a ‘cushioning’ between the two parts of the skin. A lubricant with a lower viscosity may help with increased sensation because there is much less of a cushion between the two points of contacts allowing for increased textural feeling and sensation.

Duration of Lubrication: Includes the length of how long the lubricant stays slick for. Waterbased lubricants get absorbed by the skin relatively quickly and there is thus a need to re-apply or reactivate the lubricant with water. The length of lubrication for silicone lubricant would refer to how much friction that the lubricant can take before it starts to degrade and no longer provide lubrication.

Texture & Thickness: The texture and thickness of the lubricant refers to whether or not it feels glossy and slick, and how it feels against increased levels of friction. The thickness, or viscosity of the lubricant is an important factor to consider when selecting a lubricant because it can directly affect the sensations of the sexual experience.

Ease of Cleaning:-

Silicone lubricants take a little more after care than their water-based cousins. Because silicone lubricant is water resistant, it can’t simply be washed off like normal. It does require soap and water in order to break it down and ensure a clean finish.

over all Ease of Cleaning

Superslyde received the highest scores on each spectrum of the scale. Overall, it was voted the best silicone lubricant from the leading silicone lubricants on the market. This wasn’t won by a small margin, but it was won by a considerably leading margin in comparison to the other lubricants. It also received comments relating to the packaging and the unique one hand – no drip dispenser, it is such attention to detail which demonstrates why Superslyde comes out as number one.